Top 4 Behaviors Indicating Divorce Is Coming Soon from Your Macon Divorce Lawyer

Macon Divorce Lawyer

All relationships have their own unique dynamics and there are plenty of different reasons married couples choose to separate or divorce. However, research by psychologist Robert Levenson of University of California, Berkeley and John Gottman of the Gottman Institute, recently revealed that most divorces can be predicted based on the existence of four tell-tale behaviors….

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Tips For The Holidays While In The Middle Of A Divorce


Plan Ahead the Schedule.  If you and you’re your soon to be former spouse haven’t figured out what days the kids will be with each of you for the holidays, do it now!  Waiting until the last minute to set up the holiday and school break schedule will just add more stress during this stressful…

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How Do You Handle Thanksgiving After a Divorce?

Thanksgiving Child Custody

How Do You Handle Thanksgiving After a Divorce? Like most parents considering a divorce, one of the biggest concerns is likely how you as parents of young children will deal with the holiday season. Who will have custody of the children for Thanksgiving? If so, how can you make sure the day will be enjoyable…

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How to plan visitation during the holiday season?

Macon Child Custody Lawyer

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, it is often asked: How do divorcing parents handle the issue of Christmas and other holiday periods in custody disputes? What kind of schedules do Georgia Courts order in Child Custody Cases? In a perfect world, every child would have the benefit of waking up to both parents every…

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